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We are one of the well-known manufacturers of qualitative range of torque tightening machines manufacturers in Bangalore. These machines are suitable for measuring torque of any type of automobile components and are precisely manufactured by making use of high grade raw materials.

Torque Tightening Machines

Torque Tightening Machines

Features of Torque Tightening Machines

  precision, with regard to achieving an accurate preload, of the bolt tightening method selected.
  Settable torque as per requirement.
Bolt pick-up define sequence, pick-up status, wrong pick-up alarm, after pick-up placing      conformation feasibility with light indication also for all status indication feasibility in HMI.
  Completeness checking feasibility before peak & Place of bolt/ screw.
  Automatic control from PLC system with Auto up-down system and auto tightening process      system.
  Position torque tightening (If torque tightening is for 5 place then the torque head only active on      the exact to that torque position & no repeat tightening in single place is not possible).
  Multi position torque tightening can possible with one torque device with load balancer.
  Torque tight controller ingrate with safety like safety light curtain, safety relay.
  Operator can know Torque , position feed back with parameter.
  After torque tightening Ok punch feasibility and for Not OK in rejection bin placing conformation      feasibility.
  Without putting NOK component in rejection bin , after testing without unload tested component      cycle start not activate with alarm feasibility.